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one to whom secrets are entrusted
antonym: enemy
Pheobey is Janie's confidant


a bedspread
no antonym
Joe's sick body lay under the counterpane in his sickroom


a back and forth of insults between two or more people
no antonym
After becoming fed up with Hoe's constant insults, Janie began a game of the dozens.


to say in reply, retort, answer back
antonym: question
When the women on the porch were gossiping about Janie, Pheobey rejoined back at them, standing up for her friend


lying stretched out on ground downward helpless with illness, distress, or exhaustion
antonym: supine
Joe's sickness left him prostrating at home


a height point of land projecting into a body of water or overlooking into a lowland
antonym: valley
After meeting Tea Cake, excitement raced through the promontories of Janie's mind.


the quality of expressing no sensibility, being unemotional
antonym: a state of emotion
Joe was in a state of stolidness.


one to whom secrets are entrusted
antonym: enemy
Pheobey is Janie's confidant


a feeling of offence or resentment; anger
antonym: likeness
Mrs. Robinson had a dudgeon for Joe Starks.


a young hen
antonym: old hen
Many women in Eatonville kept pullets for eggs


to hold out (something) to someone for acceptance
antonym: withold
Janie refused to proffer her feelings to Joe.


to correct by punishment or suffering
antonym: excuse, pardon, spare
Joe chastened Janie for no reason by forcing her to work long hours in the store.


a flirtatious act or attitude
antonym: insult
Tea Cake treated Janie with coquetry


unwieldy or clumsy because of weight and size
antonym: ?


propriety and good taste in conduct or appearance
antonym: indecency, indecorum
Janie's suitors had no sense of decorum.


tending to be troublesome
antonym: obedient
Janie's suitors are fractious, only wanting to marry her for her wealth and good looks.

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