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Alexandria Culture

Who choose the site of this famous Egyptian city and when?
Alexander the Great in 331 B.C.
What family ruled Alexandria next, and for how long?
Ptolemy family, 300 years
Who was the last in that line?
Queen Cleopatra
When did Egypt become a Roman province?
30 B.C.
How did Alexandria compare to Rome in the first century A.D.?
it was as large and as splendid as Rome
When arriving in Alexandria from as far away as 70 miles, what was the first thing one would see?
the Pharos
What was the plan of the city?
the streets were in a grid system
What was the main street in Alexandria?
Canopus Street
What was the Royal Quarter?
it was an area that contained palaces, temples, administrative offices, and gardens
What was the Caesareum?
a temple where the emperor was worshiped
Who began its construction?
Whom was it first intended to honor?
Marc Antony
Who eventually finished it, only to dedicate it to himself?
Emperor Augustus
What the museum?
a university
What was so special about it?
it has the largest library in the world
What six nationalities were found in Alexandria?
Egyptians, Jews, Romans, Africans, Greeks and Indians
Who were the most powerful?
the Greeks
Features of the Museum
zoo, library, laboratory
Where did Pharos get its name from?
the island it was located on