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Unit one vocabulary words (11 with sub-types and examples where applicable)


location of a place on Earth relative to other places (good for unfamiliar places through reference to familiar ones)


physical characteristics of a place (ex. climate, water bodies, topography, soil, vegetation, elevation)


relationship between a portion of Earth and the Earth as a whole (ex. 1:24000 means 1 unit of a map of a place on Earth relates to 24000 of the unit on the actual Earth)

vernacular region

region people create as part of their cultural identity (ex. American definition/perception of the South)

formal region

in it, everyone shares one or more distinctive characteristics

functional region

area organized around a focal point (ex. Western Europe around Mediterranean; Mecca)


name of a place on Earth (ex. Sri Lanka)


the physical environment can limit human activity but humans can change the environment


origin of an innovation or something new (ex. Renaissance began in Italy)

distance decay

the farther a group is from another, the less likely the two groups will interact (ex. closer Muslim and Christian populations in Africa experience more conflict)

cultural landscape (PEC Features)

cultural features of an area (for ex. language or religion), economic features (for ex. agriculture and industry), physical features (for ex. climate and vegetation)


map-making (There are the Goodes and Robinson's projections)

expansion diffusion

the snowball effect--a feature spreads by becoming greater/more numerous


spread of something across space over time


area of the Earth with specific cultural and physical features

relocation diffusion

the spread of an idea by people's movement (moves from original location to a different one) (ex. African farming techniques came to America through slavery)


frequency that something occurs in an area

arithmetic density

total number of objects in an area (affected by land area)

physiological density

the number of persons per unit of area that can farm

agricultural density

number of farmers per unit of farm land

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