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What is the capital of Brazil?


What is the population of Brazil?

205 million

Who is the current President of Brazil?

Dilma Rouseff

What is the predominant religion of South America?

Roman Catholic

What is the predominant language in South America?


What is the capital of Argentina?

Buenos Aires

What is the highest mountain in Brazil?

Pico de Neblina

Bolivia is what kind of country?

Land Locked

What is the capital of Chile?


What is the capital of Ecuador?


What is the highest navigable lake in South America?

Lake Titicaca

What is the Literacy Rate in Brazil?

88 percent

When did people first arrive in Brazil?

50000 years ago

What is Brazils GDP?

2.8 Trillion

What rank is Brazil in Population?


What is the main language in Brazil?


What is the monetary unit in brazil?


What type of government does brazil have?

Federal Republic

How long is the Amazon River?

4000 miles

What is the climate in northern brazil?


What is the Climate in southern Brazil?


When did sugar arrive in Brazil?


Where was gold discovered in brazil?

MInas Gerais

What was the first Portugese settlement in Brazil?

Sao Vicente

What is the largest mountain range in south america?

The Andes

When did Brasilia become the capital of Brazil


What is the Capital of Peru?


what topographic feature is in Argentina?


What is the Capital of Columbia?


What is the GDP per capita of Brazil?


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