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Ch. 15: Stress and Health Psych


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The sequence of the general adaptation syndrome is___
alarm, resistance, exhaustion
Stressful situations experienced for a long time may weaken your_____
immune system
Tony, a young boy, wants to pet a friends dog, but he is afraid that the dog will bite him. This is a _____ confilct
Nils, watching a gruesome horror film, protects himself from feeling stress by blocking out the feelings associated w/ the scenes. This is an EX of the coping strategy called
During the _____ stage, a person under stress may develop delusions in a effort to retain a coping strategy
Eustress means:
positive stress
All are reactions to stress EXCEPT:
An active coping strategy that involved a rational analysis of the situation that will lead to and appropriate decision is:
Problem solving
The mobilization for "fight or flight" occurs during the ____ stage
When danger threatens, people mobilize the _____ response
focusing of attention w/ the goal of clearing one's mind and producing an "inner peace"
analyzing a stressful situation from an emotionally detached viewpoints
persons reaction to his/her inability to cope w/ certain tense events or situations
cognitive appraisal
interpretation of an event that helps determine its stress impact
psychosomatic symtoms
physical symptoms that are caused by stress and tension
stress reaction that is characterized by a vague generalized apprehension or feeling of danger
stress-producing event/ situation
generalized adaption syndrome
stages in the body's stress reaction
usual reaction when a stressor involves a real or imagined danger
conflict situation
when a person must chose between 2 or more options that tend to result from opposing motives