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7th grade LA vocab words: vers, vert= turn

anniversary (n)

the date on which an event occurs every year; every year an event TURNS a year older

conversation (n)

a discussion that switches from one person to another; a discussion that "TURNS back and forth"

convert (v)

to TURN or change your beliefs or way of thinking

diversity (v)

to divide up money into different investments so that if one area TURNS for the worse then you will be protected

diversion (n)

something who TURNS your attention off of what you are thinking about

extrovert (n)

a person who TURNS his or her attention outward toward other people

introvert (n)

a person who TURNS his or her attention inward toward himself or herself; a shy person

revert (v)

to TURNS back to a previous action or thought; to go back in thought or speech; to give back

invert (v)

to TURN or flip in the opposite direction

subvert (v)

to corrupt or undermine; to turn against established authority

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