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Information system?

A software-based solution used to gather and analyze info

Office support system?

Designed to improve communications and assist employees in accomplishing their daily tasks

Transaction processing system?

Keeps track of everyday business actions

Real-time processing?

The database is queried and updated while the transaction is taking place

Online transaction processing?

Ensures that the data in the TPS is as current as possible

Management info system?

Provides timely and accurate info that enables managers to make critical business decisions.

Detail report?

Provides a list of transactions that occurred during a certain time period.

Summary report?

Provides a consolidated pic of detailed data

Exception report?

Shows conditions that are unusual or that need attention by users of the system

Decision support system?

Designed to help managers develop solutions for specific problems

External data source?

Any source not owned by the company that owns the DSS

Knowledge-based system?

Provides additional intelligence that supplements the user's own intellect and makes the DSS more effective

Expert system?

Tries to replicate the decision-making processes of human experts to solve specific problems

Natural language processing?

Enables users to communicate with computer systems using a natural spoken or written language instead of using a computer programming language

Artificial intelligence?

The branch of computer science that deals with the attempt to create computers that think like humans

Fuzzy logic?

Enables the interjection of experimental learning into the equation by considering probabilities

Enterprise resource planning system?

A broad-based software system that integrates multiple data sources and ties together the various processes of an enterprise to enable info to flow more smoothly.

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