Chapter 11 Part FIVE (CGS2100)

Having different birthdates for the same person on two different lists is an example of
data inconsistency
Which of the following is NOT one of the three main advantages of using databases?
Elimination of data recording errors
A group of related fields in a relational database is called a
An example of a good primary key is a(n)
order number.
A primary key
is always unique for each record in a database
A(n) ________ database organizes data in a cube format.
Which is not one of the four main operations of a DBMS?
Consolidating data
Comparing data values to ensure reasonableness is an example of a(n)
consistency check.
A data system that is a subset of a larger system is known as (a)n
data mart.
An electronic system used to keep track of everyday business activities is an example of a
transaction-processing system.