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Pharmaceutics: Parenterals

What are pyrogens?
Metabolic byproducts of microorganisms
An example would be?
Endotoxins; from lipopolysaccaride cell wall of gram - bacteria
A limulus test is used to test for?
What 4 types of "vegetable-like" oils can be used in parenterals
Peanut, cottonseed, sesame, soybean
What 2 other types of oleaginous vehicles can be used in parenterals
Ethyl oleate, isopropyl myristate
Can purified water USP be used for injection?
No only water for injection can be used
What kind of preservative is used in bacteriostatic sodium chloride injection
Benzyl alcohol
What is a contraindication of benzyl alcohol
Use in a newborn due to toxicity
Freeze drying is based on
Small volume parenterals has a volume of
25-50 mL
Small volume parenterals require no
Which is more stable
Small volume
What is good about large volume
More flexible but requires manipulation
What are large volume used for?
Maintenance or replacement therapy
Lyophilization is what
Freeze drying method
Steam method means using the
What are the parameters of the autoclave
121 degrees C ; 15 lbs pressure ; 20 minutes
Dry-heat is
Similar to steam but has less steam and more heat