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Driver's Ed. Chapter 7


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How far should you be away from the steering wheel?
At least 10 inches
Where are adjustable air vents located in the car?
on the dashboard or front lower left or right sides
Five positions of an ignition switch:
Accessory,Lock, Off, On, and Start
Gear Selector Lever
allow you to choose the gear you want
Where is the gear selector lever located?
either on the steering column or on the floor next to the driver's seat
A car in neutral ____________ (will/will not) roll on an incline.
how to choose the gear you need (by stepping on clutch pedal) in a car that has a manual transmission (can have 3, 4, or 5 speed positions.)
Overdrive gear
allows the engine to run more slowly and fuel efficiency at high speeds.
Where is the clutch pedal located?
to the left of the brake pedal
power steering
takes little effort to turn the wheel
(gas pedal) moves the vehicle and controls the speed
cruise control
an optional vehicle feature that lets you maintain a desired speed without keeping your foot on the accelerator
What is cruise control used for?
highway driving
brake pedal
used to slow or stop the vehicle by pressing down
power brakes
require less foot pressure to operate
Power brakes _________________ (do/do not) shorten the distance needed to stop the vehicle
do not
parking brake
(emergency or hand brake) used to keep a parked vehicle from rolling
Where is the parking brake located?
can be a small pedal to left the of the side of the door panel, a hand lever located under the left side of the dashboard or a floor mounted hand lever located to the right of the driver's seat
Lights help you see during the ________________ and _____________
night; day
How many speeds do vehicles have for windshield wipers typically?
2 to 3
blind spots
areas of the road that you cannot see in the mirrors
can be moved up and down and turned to the side to prevent sun from shining in the driver's eyes
(defogger) clears moisture or frost from the front, rear and side windows
Passive safety devices
operate without the user having to do anything
Seat belts reduce the chance of death; injury in a car crash
50%; 70%
air bags
inflate automatically in a frontal crash, then deflate again in a fraction of second; some vehicles have airbags for side collisions
head restraints
are standard equipment on front-seat backs and are optional in the back
What devices guard against vehicle theft?
ignition buzzer, locks, and alarms and other antitheft devices
antitheft devices
disable devices that keep the vehicle from starting or prevent the steering wheel from turning
shows in mph and kph how fast the vehicle is moving
keeps track of the total number of miles the vehicle has driven
provides electricity to keep the engine running, recharge the battery, and operate such equipment as lights and radio
temperature gauge or warning light
engine temperature is too high
oil-pressure gauge or warning light
the pressure of the oil being pumped to the engine is too low
brake warning light
low on brake fluid, the fluid is leaking, or the brakes are not working properly
How can you communicate with other roadway users?
taillights, turn signals, hazard lights, parking lights, horn
directional (turn) signal
(blinker) shows that you plan to turn or change lanes
emergency flashers
make all four turn signals light flash at the same time
What should you check before entering your vehicle?
Surrounding area, wheels, car body, under the hood, getting in the vehicle
What should you check after entering the vehicle
close and lock all doors, place the key in ignition, adjust the seat so you can clearly see the road and comfortably reach the floor pedals and all other vehicle controls, adjust the head restraint, adjust the rearview mirror, check the inside of the windows, make sure there are no objects inside the car that will block your view or tumble around as you drive, familiarize yourself with the controls, fasten you seatbelt
What devices help make you comfortable in a vehicle? Why are they important
Seat position controls, steering wheel, air conditioner and heater, air vents; they make you more comfortable and more concentrated. Some also prevent muscle strain and make driving less tiring.