South America

Population of Brazil
Area of Brazil
Roughly the size of continental US. 3,00,000 miles
Highest Mountain in Brazil
Pico de Nabelina
Government of Brazil
Current Head of Gov and Chief of State in Brazil
Dilma Rousseff
History of Brazil: 1494
Treaty of Tordesillas: Splits Brazil between Spain and Portugal
History of Brazil:1500
Pedro Cabral claims Brazil for Portugal.
History of Brazil:1531
First Portuguese settlers arrive in Sao Vincente
History of Brazil: 1532
Sugar arrives. Portuguese enslave ingenious people to work in sugar plantations.
History of Brazil: 1550
African slaves are brought into Brazil.
History of Brazil: 1700's
Coffee is introduced to Brazil.
Gold is discovered in Minas Gerais.
Brazil becomes largest exporter of Gold.
History of Brazil: 1750
Mines decline.
History of Brazil: 1807
Portuguese royal family flees to Brazil to escape Napoleon.
History of Brazil 1821-22
Portuguese King Dom Joao VI returns to Portugal after his son declares Brazil's independence.
Religion of Brazil
Main religion is Roman Catholic with approximately 15% Protestant.
Language of Brazil
Portuguese with some indigenous language.
Climate in Brazil
Tropical Wet and Dry
Economy of Brazil
GDP: 2.282 trillion.
Monetary Unit: Reals
Education in Brazil
Literacy rate: 88.6%
Compulsory Education: 14 Years Old
Important Persons: Brazil
Pedro Cabral: Claimed Brazil for Portugal
Dom Pedro II: Declared Brazil's Independence
Dilma Roussoff: Current and first female President
Chile: Population
Area: Chile
300,000 miles
Government: Chile
Population: Bolivia
10, 000, 000.
Area: Bolivia
424, 164 miles
Government: Bolivia
Population: Peru
30, 000, 000
Area: Peru
500,000 miles
Government: Peru
Interesting Features: Peru
Machu Picchu- Large Inca ruins, one of the few not ransacked by the Spanish
Nazca Lines: Huge geoglyphs only fully visible in the air.
South America: General Info
Most commonly spoke language is Spanish. Largest Continent. Amazon is largest Rain forest in the world. Amazon River is largest river in terms of volume in the world. Longest mountain range is the Andes. Continent can be split into 5 different climate zones with Tropical Wet and Dry being most dominant.