11 terms

8-2 What changes in weather?

Air Masses
large body of air whose properties are determined by location on earth.
boundary where two air masses meet.
Warm Front
warm air mass meets and goes over a cold air mass. Precipitation usually forms.
Cold Front
cold air mass forces its way underneath a warm air mass. Produces violent storms
Occluded Front
two cold air masses meet with a warm air mass inbetween. Weather is difficult to predict.
Stationary Front
cold air and warm air mass meet and neither moves. Sometimes forms precipitation.
High Pressure
Air molecules are densely packed which means usually clear weather.
Low Pressure
air molecules are less densely packed which usually means precipition is likely.
Barometric Pressure drops?
Barometric pressure rises?
clear skies are near
Station Model
contains weather information sent to the National Weather Service.