Chapter 12 Part FOUR (CGS2100)

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of installing a client/server network in a
Decentralization of network security protection
Which is NOT a reason why client/server networks are usually installed in large businesses?
Peripherals can't be shared on peer-to-peer networks.
When networks are deployed at two college campuses 30 miles apart, the networks would be classified as
Which of the following is NOT necessary in every client/server network?
Database server
To provide for sharing of an Internet connection, which server would a corporate network
Which type of network topology favors equal access among nodes?
Fiber-optic cable most likely would be used in a corporate network when
speed is more important than cost.
NOS software is
needed on all computers in a client/server network.
On client server networks, switches
move data efficiently from node to node on the network.
Providing adequate security on a corporate network involves all of these issues, except
installing NOS blocking software