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  1. salmonella spp.
  2. E coli making diarrhea
  3. incubation of salmonella
  4. transmission of Pasteurella multicida
  5. incubation of legionnares disease
  1. a 6-24 hours
  2. b alters ion balance
    destroys villi
  3. c poultry and cattle carry it normally, direct or through a wound in farmers and ranchers
    cats and dogs carry as normal flora as well, scratches can lead to it as home
  4. d infection with salmonella
  5. e 2-10 days

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  1. normal flora in the gut that outcompetes other pathogens (takes up real estate)
  2. at body temperatures
  3. airways
  4. in the works since the '70's
    conjugate vacine with complex pilli and toxin A
  5. pruritic rash
    skin cracks
    fluid-filled blisters
    satelite reactions due to immune system over-reacting

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  1. C. albicans in skindiaper rash


  2. septic shock due to salmonellacipro


  3. histoplasmosis and batsbat droppings have nitrogen which is prime growing environment for the disease


  4. diphtheria vaccinerespiratory droplets through coughing
    contaminated fomites


  5. sleeping sicknesschancre forms at fly bite site
    long asymptomatic period after chancre
    joint pain
    swollen lymph nodes
    sleep cycle changes
    personality changes
    death due to coma, heart destruction or bacterial infection


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