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  1. treating hemorrhagic colitis
  2. bacillaceae
  3. treating typhoid fever
  4. Bacillus Anthracis
  5. candida transmission
  1. a antibiotics, similar to the plague
    fluid replacement to avoid dehydration
    restore GI rhythm
  2. b autoinnoculate
  3. c rehydration
  4. d grows well in the lymph and tissue
    spore former
    not usually in humans, we bring upon ourself
  5. e anthrax
    gram +

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  1. corynebacteriaceae
  2. sooner is better!
    side effects from drugs may linger for a year
    immunity is for life-once infected second infection will be fought by immune system
  3. vonbehring and kitasato make toxoid vaccine
    formaldehyde inactivated vaccine
  4. ciprofloxacin
    passive immunization using cow antibodies
  5. fungus moves to lungs
    enlarged lymph nodes
    diffuse rash over entire body
    become allergic to the fungus

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  1. hexamitidaesystemic infection
    acquired through the skin
    greatly feared but uncommon
    never caused epidemics


  2. sensu strictoyersenia pestis specifically


  3. transmission of histoplasmosisfecal oral route


  4. clostridium perfringensproduces toxins only when in the appropriate host
    must have time in an anaerobic environment
    spore forming
    infection and intoxication


  5. routes of entry for tetnusanthrax
    spore former
    cycles between soil and mammals, not humans
    used for bioterrorism