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  1. prevention and control of histoplasmosis
  2. how do E. coli pathogens work?
  3. convalescent stage
  4. treating amebiasis in cyst form
  5. cutaneous anthrax symptoms
  1. a recovery stage
    cough subsides
    complication may emerge
    flare-ups may occur due to the airway infection
    weeks to months depending on severity
  2. b barrier clothing
    dust control
  3. c eschar forms-black color
    -becomes a reproduction hotspot
    papule-vesicle-malignant pustule
  4. d rearrange cytoskeleton
    form pedestals
  5. e dilozanide

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  1. ornidyl
  2. anthrax
    spore former
    cycles between soil and mammals, not humans
    used for bioterrorism
  3. barrier clothing
    dust control (inhalation)
    safe handling of carcass
  4. inhale spores in dust
  5. bacillceae

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  1. Legionella pneumophiliafamily name the same


  2. stage one of gas gangrenetargets central nervous system
    spastic paralysis (everything contracts and never stops)
    overrides autogenic inhibition
    rips muscles off of bones


  3. erythromycin and tetracyclinehorse antitoxin
    muscle relaxants like benzo
    assisted breathing
    antibiotics first to kill infection


  4. treatment of gas gangreneID infection site


  5. incubation of shigella1-3 days