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  1. shigella toxins
  2. transmission of sleeping sickness
  3. whiteheads
  4. C. albicans in genitals
  5. basic salmonella enterica serovar facts
  1. a enterotoxin
    shiga toxin
    damages cells around skin
    cleaves RNA
  2. b comedo is entirely closed off
  3. c gram negatie
    typhoid fever
    multiply in spleen and liver
    invade tissue around intestines
  4. d fly bite (tsetse fly)
  5. e yeast infection

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    booster injection
  2. bat droppings have nitrogen which is prime growing environment for the disease
  3. flu-like
    red nodules on limbs
    fatal mycosis because it targets brain heart and bones/joints
  4. starts as a wart-like eruption where the bacteria first enter
    progresses to septicemia and organ-specific problems in the immunocompromised.
    leaves a permanent scar
  5. old treatments for acne that cause stomach upset

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  1. prevention of amebiasishygiene
    don't handle food when infected


  2. shigellasame family as salmonella


  3. septic shock due to salmonellaescherichia, shigella, yersinia


  4. sleeping sicknessantitoxin from horses
    remover the thick membrane from throat


  5. treating diphtheriadifficult because of antibiotic resistance
    rehydration therapy