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  1. treating amebiasis in cyst form
  2. transmission of anthrax
  3. infant acne time frame
  4. filamentous histoplasmosis
  5. prevention of beaver fever
  1. a occurs 3-4 weeks after birth
    lingers for 4-6 months
  2. b hygeine
    good sewer system
    pet waste management
  3. c dilozanide
  4. d at environmental temperatures
  5. e cutaneous-through open wounds
    common in sheep shearers because of sharp equipment
    biting fleas

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  1. 10-48 hours
  2. debridment
    hyperbaric oxygen (bc it is an anaerobic bacteria)
  3. part of normal skin flora
  4. St. Elizabeths hospital, Health department asylum, Philadelphia. Outbreaks occurred in the summer around construction sites. Took much times to realize the bacteria that was causing the issues. it was so small in numbers that it had never been looked at.
  5. ornidyl

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  1. two forms of valley feverGI problems (like food poisoning that persists)
    after 1 week
    after 2 weeks
    -increased fever
    -problems with overheating
    after 3 weeks
    -recovery phase of may be fatal


  2. typhoid maryringworm


  3. what toxin is similar to shigaspelunkers disease
    histoplasmosa capsulation


  4. clostridium botulinumbotulism


  5. disseminated histoplasmosisat environmental temperatures