Word Masters

These are the Word Masters words (#3).
An extreme edge or cliff.
The bank of a body of water
Edge (Can be both physically or mentally, this means mentally) Brim (Can mean edge or border, but doesn't mean mentally or a cliff) Border (Can be of land, or objects, supposed to be of a higher patch of land or water)
Part Of Speech: Noun
Sentence: She was on the brink of yelling at her brother but managed to stop herself before she did.
Definition: To cut off extra or the outside of something, to shrink down or make smaller..
1. Cut off
2. Trim
3. Clip
1. Lengthen2. Expand 3. Stretch
P.O.S: Verb
Sentence: I wanted to Pare the extra fabric when it didn't line up with the stencil.
Part of Speech: Adjective
Definition: The real thing
Synonyms: Real, true
Antonyms: False, fake
Sentence: I wanted to make sure that the old gas mask was authentic, so I went to the World War II veteran next door.
1. A pit usually open to air
2. A large source or supply
3. A lot of game (animals) that is hunted
Syn: Hunter, Pit, Chaser
Anty: Victim, hunted, Chased
se in a sentence:
The quarry seemed so deep that it was a bottomless pit.
DEF Verb: to reproach in a sarcastic and nsulting manner
DEF Noun: an insulting reproach
Part of Speech: Verb and Noun
SYN Verb: mock, tease
SYN Noun: gibe, insult
ANT Verb: complement, care
ANT Noun: complement, praise
SENT Verb: After Bob Malueg Jr. was finished taunting me I decided to tell principal Kaari about what had happened.
SENT Noun: When I told principal Kaari about Bob Mauleg Jr. the principal told Bob that if he or any other students heard any more taunts and/or insults he would be expelled.
(adj.) concealed; secret; disguised
(adj.) covered; sheltered
(n.) a covering usually used to hide
(n.) a covering used to hide from animals while hunting
Synonyms: disguised,covered,disguise,cover,camouflage,secret
Antonyms:public,uncovered,undisguised ,visible
My sister has a safe that I can not find, because it is covert.
A warning signal, as light or fire, especially one that's elevated. A tower or hill used for warning. A lighthouse or buoy used to warn ships. A person or thing that warns or guides
Part of Speech: noun or verb
Definitions:To warn or guide. To mark with beacons or signal
Synonyms:Alarm, Alert , Lighthouse , Smoke Signal, Radar
Antonyms: None
Sentence: The ship went toward the dock which was lit up by a beacon.
1.Something that pains as if pricking 2.to pain as if by pricking 3.Something that urges a reaction 4.to do something that urges a reaction 5.A pointed rod used to urge on an animal
Synonyms: 1.Thorn 3.Encouragement,Motivation 5.Rod,Stick
Antonyms: 3.Stop, put down
Part of speech: Noun,Verb
Sentence: I goaded my friend to keep trying to solve a math problem.
Part of Speech ~ Adjective
Definition~ Having a unique power to resist or having a shot so that you are incapable of getting the disease that the shot was meant for.
Synonyms~ Resistant, Resilient, Impervious.
Antonyms~ Open, receptive, Susceptible.
Sentence~ Bob Erbes, a friend of Bob Malueg, was trying his luck in breaking into Mr. Kaari's mansion while wearing a suit that is immune to fire.
P.O.S: Noun
Def: 1. Somebody who doesn't like to spend money
2. Money saver
Syn: Hoarder, Saver
Anty: Money spender, Spendthrift
Sentence: The skinflint had a tiny house and had very few things that were all very simple.
Def: a gear with a small number of teeth, especially one engaging with a rack or larger gear. 2. the wing of a bird.
POS: Noun
Syn: feather, quill
Sentence: This is achieved by having two hands on the central pinion in semi circle sub registers.
Definition : Bulky in figure Bold Stubborn
Part Of Speech: Adjective
Synonyms: Big, Large, Firm
Antonyms:Small, Thin Afraid, Scared Flexible, Yielding
Sentence : Bon Bon hit Mr. Cookie with a pizza because Mr. Cookie said she looks stout.
Parts of speech: noun
Definitions:, an image of god, used as an instrument or object of worship, any object of admiration, an image used as an object of worship., an image or effigy
Synonyms:god if you worship one, celebrity if you worship this celebrity, star - if you want to be like a movie star, hero - if you want to be like this person, object of worship
Antonyms:, enemy - if you don't want to be like this person
DEFINITION: 1. A ring or other similar object (usually made of iron) that is used to secure someone's wrists and keep them in one place (they were used in old prisons and dungeons). 2. Anything that confines something or restricts it from going somewhere (like a dog's leash). 3. To confine. 4. To fasten or connect.
POS: Noun (Underlined), Verb (Italic)
SYNONYMS: chain, manacle, handcuff,
ANTONYMS: Liberate, free (no noun antonyms)
SENTENCE: Once the thieves were found by the police, they were immediately shackled with handcuffs.
grossly offensive, loathsome in a disgusting way
filthy, dirty, An illegal move in an organized sports game, often intentionally against the other team
Part of Speech:adjective
Synonyms: , disgraceful, malodorous, filthy
Antonyms: , clean, fragrant, pure
Sentence: Harry thinks of Snape as foul and loathsome, due to the fact that Snape favors the Slytherins and hates the Griffindors.
Definition: a loud, clamorous noise
Synonyms: clang, bang, loudness, clamorous
Antonyms: quiet, silent, little
Part of Speech: noun
Sentence: The clangor in the kitchen led Hopkins to believe that someone had banged the floor with pots and pans.
Part of Speech: Idiom, Interjection, Verb, Noun
Definition: to cheer, salute, or greet; welcome.
to acclaim; approve enthusiastically:
Synonyms: Cheer, applaud, honor
Antonyms: I could not find any antonyms for this word
Sentence: The man wanted to hail John F. Rockefeller for the money he donated to restore Colonial Williamsburg.
Definition: open and sincere.
Sentence: The boy was so candid about the crime that everyone thought well of him. Most people would try to hide things when they commit a crime, but the boy was very candid in his culpability.
POS: Adjective.
Syn: frank, honest, upright, truthful.
Anty: lying, unhonest, deceitful, tricky, untruthful.
Someone who can not control their eating habits or overeats.
Someone who overdoes something.
Part of speech: noun
Synonyms , hefty eater, pig, stuffer
Antonyms, healthy, in shape, in control
Use in a sentence When I was shopping for thanksgiving dinner, I noticed a lot of people were buying lots of food. I'll bet they were planning to be gluttonous for their Thanksgiving feast.
Part of speech: Noun

Definition: To be driven or carried along as by the air;
blow gently
be in motion due to some air or water current
be blowing or storming
1) air Antonyms 1) calm
2) Breath 2) still
3)puff 3) unmoving
Definition(s): Weirdly or abnormally thin.
1) Anorexia
2) Bony
3) Very Skinny Antonyms
1) Fat 2)Overweight
3) Heavy
Use in a sentence: The girl was very emaciated after she starved in the desert for 90 days.
Definition- 1. A hiding place, especially one in the ground, for ammunition, food, treasures, etc. 2. Anything well hidden. 3. A small shed elevated on poles above the reach of animals and used for storing food, equipment, etc. 4. To put in a cache.
Parts of Speech- Noun, Verb.
Synonyms- Noun Antonyms- Noun
1. Accumulation 1. Market
2. Storehouse 2. Store
3. Stash 3. Shop
Sentence- Noun- I put my important possessions in the cache.
Sentence- Verb- If you want to hide a possession, you can cache it.
Definition: 1. cut the wool off (a sheep or other animal). 2. cut off (something such as hair, wool, or grass), with scissors. 4. break or cause to break off owing to a structural strain.
Synonyms: 1. crop, snip, pare, prune. 2. gash, incise, slash.
Antonyms: 1. lengthen, extend. 2. ...?
Part of Speech: verb.
Sentence: 1. She used the wool that had been shorn off of the sheep to make a sweater.
Definition(s): Undiscovered or secret; concealed.
Synonyms: fraudulent, concealed
Antonyms: Open, truthful
Part(s) of Speech: Adjective
Sentences: From dictonary.com: "Their clandestine meetings were kept undiscovered for 2 years." (I used this because I thought it explained a lot.)
Def: an act or resistance
Syn: revolt, rebel, rising
Anty: let in, calm, peaceful
Sent: The mob led to an angry uprising.