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which two groups treated their women best?

minoans and spartans

which two groups brought a dark age in their civilization because of their uncivilized nature?

dorians and germans

which two groups which two groups adopted the religion of the people they conquered?

turks and germans

which two groups were totally and brutally destroyed by the romans?

jews in palestine, carthaginians, persecuted christians

which two groups were destroyed by the mycenaeans?

trojans and minoans

which two groups wandered into a new land and were less civilized then the existing inhabitants of the land?

dorians and latins (romans)

which two groups were the most militaristic?

spartans and romans

which two groups claimed to be "all about equality" but in fact limites the rights of "foreigners"?

romans, athenians, arab muslims

who gave us vaccines?

Islamic Empire

who gave us the alphabet?


who gave us numerals?

Islamic Empire

who gave us democracy?


who gave us the check?

Islamic Empire

who gave us the seismograph?


who gave us drama/theatre?


who gave us the doric column?


who gave us algebra?

Islamic empire

who gave us concrete?


who inspired the Chinese golden age? (Han)


who inspired the Greece (athenian) golden age?


who inspired the Greece (Hellenistic) golden age?

Alexander the Great

who inspired the Rome (Greco-Roman) golden age?


who inspired the Islamic golden age?

Harun al-Rashid

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