Who arranged the elements known at the time in order of increasing atomic mass and came up with that Law of Octaves?
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What are designated with B (the group in the middle of the periodic table)?Transition MetalsWhich group of elements can form more than 1 ion?transition metalsWhat is located at the bottom of the periodic table?Inner Transition Metals/Rare Earth MetalsWhat are the two series of Inner Transition Metals?Lanthanide Series and Actinide SeriesWhat is atomic radii measured in?angstroms or nanometersWhat causes the volume in an atom?the motion of electronsWhat kind of periodic trend does a series have?a decrease (left to right)What kind of periodic trend does a group have?an increase (top to bottom)What is a charged atom called?an ionIf an atom loses an electron it forms what kind of charge?positiveIf an atom gains an electron it forms what kind of charge?negativeIonization Energyenergy required to remove an electronA + energy -> A+ + e-ionization energy formulaWhat is a cation?a positive ionWhat is an anion?a negative ionmetals have ____ ionization levelslownonmetals have _____ ionization levelshighmetalloids have _____ ionization levelsintermediateElectron Affinityenergy released when an electron is added to an atomA + e- -> A- + energyelectron affinity formulaWhat makes an atom react?How easy it makes an ionWhat element is in a family by itself, can lose, share, and gain electrons?hydrogenWhich group can form +1 ions, arGroup e soft, silver, and have low melting points ( have 1 e- in the outer level)?IA (Alkali Metals)What is the most reactive metal?FranciumWhat is it called when the inner electron blocks the outer electron from the attraction of the nucleus and the outer electron?shielding effectWhich group form +2 ions?IIA (Alkaline Earth Metals)Which group form -3 ions?VAWhich group from -2 ions?VIAWhich group form -1 ions?VIIA (Halogens/Salt Formers)What is the most abundant element in the earth's crust?oxygenWhat is the most reactive nonmetal?FluorineWhich group has 8 electrons on the outer level?VIIIA (Noble/Inert Gases)Octet Ruleatoms gain,lose,and share electrons to receive 8 electrons in the outer energy levelWhich group of elements will not react with other elements?Noble/Inert GasesIn the free state, what can't exist by themselves so they must have 2 identical atoms to make a molecule?Diatomic MoleculesWhat are hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), fluorine (F2), chlorine (Cl2), bromine (Br2), and iodine (I2) called?7 diatomic molecules