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AP European History: Art Review (Type Definitions)

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*Byzantine style dominates
*One-dimensional figures associated with priestly functions of the church
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*Reaction to the "cold and unfeeling" reason of the Enlightenment and against the destruction of nature resulting from the Industrial Revolution.
*Stress is on light, color, and self-expression, in opposition to the emphasis on line and firm modeling typical of neoclassical art
*Emotion feeling, exoticism, mystery, and nature.
*Nineteenth century.
*No single point of view.
*All possible views of the subject are compressed into one synthesized view of top, sides, front, and back.
*Picture becomes a multifaceted view of objects with angular, interlocking planes.
*A new way of seeing.
*A view of the world as a mosaic of multiple relationships.
*Reality as interaction.
*Twentieth century.
*Return to classical antiquity for inspiration.
*Scenes are historical and mythological.
*Figures appear to be sculpted.
*Appeal is to the intellect, not the heart.
*Emotions are restrained, balance is achieved.
*Reactions to Baroque and Rococo
*Linked to French and American Revolutions
*Eighteenth Century