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  1. Where was John the Baptist baptizing?
  2. How long did Jesus stay with the Samaritans?
  3. When did Nicodemus come to see Jesus?
  4. Why was the Samaritan woman surprised that Jesus would talk with her?
  5. What was the reaction of Jesus' disciples to his first miracle?
  1. a Jews did not associate with Samaritans.
  2. b Two days
  3. c In the Jordan River
  4. d They put their faith in him.
  5. e At night

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  1. To fulfill all righteousness
  2. The angels
  3. The Son of Man
  4. Living water
  5. Camel's hair

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  1. Because of what Jesus knew about her, what did the Samaritan woman call Jesus?A Spirit


  2. Of what party was Nicodemus a member?Pharisees


  3. Who was Andrew's brother?Changing water to wine


  4. What did the voice from heaven say at Jesus' baptism?"You are my son, whom I love, with you I am well pleased."


  5. What did Jesus tell the Samaritan woman that God is?Five husbands


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