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  1. Where did Jesus first miracle take place?
  2. In Samaria, because Jesus was tired, where did he sit down?
  3. John the Baptist said they could not be saved just because who was their father?
  4. Who did John the Baptist tell his disciples that he was not?
  5. What did Jesus tell the Samaritan woman that God is?
  1. a A Spirit
  2. b Cana
  3. c The Christ
  4. d Beside Jacob's well
  5. e Abraham

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  1. A ruler of one-fourth of a province
  2. Tell the stones to become bread
  3. 40 days
  4. Nathanael
  5. Bethsaida

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  1. Who was actually baptizing when people heard that Jesus was making more disciples than John?Jesus' disciples


  2. What did Jesus say that one must do to see the kingdom of God?Be born again


  3. Why did John the Baptist rebuke Herod?Because of his brother's wife


  4. When the devil left Jesus after the temptation, who came to minister to him?A Spirit


  5. What did John the Baptist say he was not worthy to do?A brood of vipers