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  1. What two Old Testament characters are mentioned in the story about the Samaritan woman?
  2. What was the third thing that happened at the baptism of Jesus?
  3. What was Jesus' first miracle?
  4. In John 3, what does Jesus call himself?
  5. Who did John the Baptist tell his disciples that he was not?
  1. a A voice from heaven
  2. b The Son of Man
  3. c Jacob and Joseph
  4. d Changing water to wine
  5. e The Christ

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  1. The voice of one calling in the wilderness
  2. They put their faith in him.
  3. He ate nothing.
  4. Abraham
  5. Changed his name

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  1. Why did Nicodemus say that he knew that Jesus was from God?Because of his miraculous signs


  2. When Jesus' disciples returned from Sychar, why were they surprised?Jesus was speaking to a woman.


  3. What was the occasion for Jesus' first miracle?Peter


  4. In this passage, why did Jesus go to Jerusalem?For the Passover


  5. Why was the Samaritan woman surprised that Jesus would talk with her?That Jesus had told her everything she ever did


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