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  1. Why did John the Baptist rebuke Herod?
  2. What was the first temptation of Jesus by the devil?
  3. What did Jesus say that one must do to see the kingdom of God?
  4. What did Jesus do in the Judean countryside with his disciples?
  5. What did people wonder that John the Baptist might be?
  1. a The Christ
  2. b They baptized there.
  3. c Be born again
  4. d Because of his brother's wife
  5. e Tell the stones to become bread

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  1. The Son of Man
  2. The Jewish ruling council
  3. 40 days
  4. Locked him up in prison
  5. Bethsaida

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  1. How many husbands had the Samaritan woman had?Five husbands


  2. Where was John the Baptist baptizing?In the Jordan River


  3. When Jesus' disciples returned from Sychar, why were they surprised?Jesus was speaking to a woman.


  4. What did the Samaritan woman tell the people in the town?That Jesus had told her everything she ever did


  5. How long did Jesus stay with the Samaritans?Two days