Us history ch 23-3


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pedro gonzalez
the first spanish-speaking disc jockey, used his radio program to condemn discrimination against mexicans and mexican americans
frances perkins
became america's first female cabinet member, played a major role in creating the social security system and supervised labor legislation
Mary Mcleod Bethune
an educator who dedicated herself to promoting opportunities for young African americans
Black cabinet
was a cabinet of influential african americans to advise the roosevelt administration on racial issues
Southern Tenant Farmers union
sought to protect the right of tenant farmers and sharecroppers, both white and black
John Collier
commisioner of Indian affairs, helped create the Indian Reorganization act of 1934
Indian Reorganization act 1934
the act was an extreme change in government policy, moved away from assimilation and toward Native american autonomy
New deal coalition
an alignment of diverse groups dedicated to supporting the democratic party
Congress of industrial Organization
the committee rapidly signed up unskilled and semi skilled workers