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  1. food sources of complex carbs
  2. water-soluble vitamins
  3. functions of proteins
  4. fats
  5. Definition of Nutrients
  1. a chemical substances in foods that the body needs to function properly
  2. b -build, repair, and maintain body cells
  3. c -form of stored energy
    -provides twice as much energy per ounce than carbs or proteins
    -contains greater amount of calories, gain more weight when eating
    -stores in tissues as secondary reserve energy supply
    -should be no more that 30% of daily caloric intake
  4. d -dissolve in water in blood and carried to cells throughout the body
    -is not stored in body. excess goes to urine
    -^so daily intake is necessary
    -Vitamins C AND B complex
  5. e peas, pasta, potatoes, beans, breads, seeds and nuts, vegetables

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  1. -longer supplies of energy
    -more complicated chemical structure than simple carbs
  2. guidelines to follow to get the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, and calories to stay healthy based on sex, age, physical activity, etc.
  3. -solid at room temperature, comes from animal fats
  4. 1) provide energy.
    2) build, repair, and maintain body tissues. such as absorbing calcium in bone tissue
    3)regulate body process, such as how enzymes regulate digestive system or hemoglobin carries oxygen in blood from lungs to tissues
  5. -a carb your body cannot digest
    -receives no energy from it
    -tough, stringy part of fruit

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  1. what else besides the liver stores glycogen?fruits, milk, and some vegetables. anything ending in "ose" (fructose, glucose, lactose)


  2. functions of vitamins-taken in small amounts for growth/repair of body cells


  3. Forms of carbs include:-longer supplies of energy
    -more complicated chemical structure than simple carbs


  4. how many amino acids are there9


  5. food sources of fiberbran, pastsa, brown rice, popcorn, whole wheats