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  1. Another word for 'calories'
  2. saturated fats
  3. T/F: no single food provides all needed nutrients
  4. Nutrients that contain no calories
  5. Percentage of daily calories from carbohydrates
  1. a 50%-65%
  2. b 'energy'
  3. c Vitamins, minerals, water
  4. d false
  5. e -solid at room temperature, comes from animal fats

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  1. muscles
  2. - a short term supply of energy (sugars)
  3. 2,200
    -liquid at room temperature, comes from vegetable fats
  5. 10%-20%

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  1. Factors that influence caloric needsCarbs, fats, proteins


  2. what is the "Recommended Dietary Allowances" (RDA)guidelines to follow to get the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, and calories to stay healthy based on sex, age, physical activity, etc.


  3. Functions of fats-insulates body to help conserve heat
    -surrounds and cushions vital organs to protect from injury
    -satisfies hunger, takes longer to digest
    -absorbs and transports fat-soluble vitamins


  4. 3 functions of nutrients1) provide energy.
    2) build, repair, and maintain body tissues. such as absorbing calcium in bone tissue
    3)regulate body process, such as how enzymes regulate digestive system or hemoglobin carries oxygen in blood from lungs to tissues


  5. water-soluble vitamins-absorbed and transported by fat
    -excess amount stored in fat cells
    -vitamins A, D, E, K


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