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  1. how many amino acids are there
  2. 3 functions of nutrients
  3. Nutrients that contain calories
  4. Percentage of daily calories from carbohydrates
  5. calcium
  1. a (mineral)
    -important in maintaining and building bones
    -important for women to prevent osteoporosis)
  2. b Carbs, fats, proteins
  3. c 1) provide energy.
    2) build, repair, and maintain body tissues. such as absorbing calcium in bone tissue
    3)regulate body process, such as how enzymes regulate digestive system or hemoglobin carries oxygen in blood from lungs to tissues
  4. d 50%-65%
  5. e 20

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  1. amino acids that come from food, not our body
  2. -build, repair, and maintain body cells
  3. gets converted to glycogen (more compact form of glucose) to store it, and it reconverts to glucose when body needs extra energy
  4. sugars, starches, and fibers
  5. - a short term supply of energy (sugars)

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  1. Fiber-a carb your body cannot digest
    -receives no energy from it
    -tough, stringy part of fruit


  2. Another word for 'calories'Carbs, fats, proteins


  3. functions of vitamins-taken in small amounts for growth/repair of body cells


  4. Process of digestive system breaking carbs into glucosesugars, starches, and fibers


  5. Definition of DIETwhat you eat and drink every day