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  1. how many amino acids does the body produce
  2. Fiber
  3. Nutrients that contain calories
  4. water-soluble vitamins
  5. proteins
  1. a -organs compound made of amino acids
    -broken down by body into amino acids
    -body produces some of the amino acids it needs, the rest come from foods we eat
    -isnt stores in body, so intake should be daily
  2. b 11
  3. c Carbs, fats, proteins
  4. d -dissolve in water in blood and carried to cells throughout the body
    -is not stored in body. excess goes to urine
    -^so daily intake is necessary
    -Vitamins C AND B complex
  5. e -a carb your body cannot digest
    -receives no energy from it
    -tough, stringy part of fruit

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  1. foods that contain some, but not all, essential amino acids.
    -come from plant sources
  2. starches
  3. 40
  4. (mineral)
    -important in maintaining and building bones
    -important for women to prevent osteoporosis)
    -liquid at room temperature, comes from vegetable fats

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  1. what else besides the liver stores glycogen?muscles


  2. what is the "Recommended Dietary Allowances" (RDA)guidelines to follow to get the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, and calories to stay healthy based on sex, age, physical activity, etc.


  3. Recommended caloric intake of teenage girls65%


  4. Process of digestive system breaking carbs into glucosesugars, starches, and fibers


  5. Factors that influence caloric needsCarbs, fats, proteins


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