Terms in this set (155)

  • abate
    reduce, diminish, ease; to taper off
  • aberrant
    abnormal, deviant; out of the norm
  • ablution
    cleansing or washing
  • abrogate
    to put an end to; to elimatate or wipe out; to dispose of
  • acolyte
    a follower, a believer
  • adroit
    skillful, expert, masterful
  • adulterate
    to cheapen, spoil; to pollute, depreciate
  • alacrity
    eagerness, cheerful willingness; readiness
  • allay
    to pacify or calm; to quiet fear or suspicion
  • ameliorate
    to make better; improve
  • approbation
    recognition, approval; a commendation
  • ascetic
    one who abstains from material satisfactions
  • assiduous
    hardworking, industrious; persevering
  • assuage
    to make something milder or less severe; to ease or soothe
  • august
    inspiring admiration or great reverence; impressive; glorious
  • austere
    very strict, serious, and moral; stern; solemn
  • bacchanal
    a wild party; a drunken celebration
  • baleful
    scary, menacing; evil, sinister
  • beget
    generate, cause; make, produce
  • bereft
    deprived of or without; lacking
  • bombastic
    pretentious, pompous, inflated
  • boorish
    rude, unmannered; insensitive
  • bucolic
    calm, rural, pastoral; in the country
  • bumptious
    offensively assertive; cocky or pushy
  • cajole
    to get what you want by wheedling, coaxing, or flattering
  • calumnious
    intended to trash someone's reputation; slanderous
  • capacious
    capable of holding a lot; roomy or spacious
  • capitulate
    give up resistance; surrender
  • castigate
    to punish or reprimand; to criticize
  • celerity
    haste, swiftness; speediness
  • censure
    to express disapproval; to place blame; to denounce
  • clandestine
    furtive, hidden, concealed; done in secret
  • coddle
    to treat with indulgent pampering; to spoil or cater to
  • compulsory
    required, mandatory; obligatory
  • compunction
    conscience caused by regret
  • concupiscence
    desire, passion, yearning
  • convivial
    cheerful, jovial; fun-loving
  • covet
    to desire or wish for; to crave, to lust for
  • culpable
    responsible for something negative; deserving blame; guilty
  • dearth
    scarce supply or inefficient quantity
  • deleterious
    harmful or destructive
  • demagogue
    agitator, inciter; troublemaker
  • demarcate
    to determine or mark boundaries; to separate
  • denude
    to strip something naked
  • desiccate
    dry, parch, dehydrate
  • detritus
    rubble, debris; trash
  • dictum
    a common saying; a familiar expression or adage; a motto
  • dilatory
    slow, tardy, intending to cause delay
  • dogmatic
    arrogantly opinionated
  • dour
    grouchy and surly; bleak and dismal
  • draconian
    extremely harsh; drastic, severe
  • dyspeptic
    grouchy, irritable, ornery
  • ebullient
    ecstatic, thrilled, excited; enthusiastic
  • efficacious
    producing desired results; effective; useful
  • effrontery
    shameless impudent boldness; blatant audacity
  • egregious
    something extraordinarily bad; heinous; atrocious
  • enervate
    to deplete strenght; to exhaust; to weaken
  • ennui
    extreme boredom; complete lack of interest
  • ensconced
    tightly tucked in or settled down; cozy; snug
  • ephemeral
    short-lived; temporary, fleeting
  • eschew
    avoid, shun, renounce; to stay away from
  • esoteric
    secret; understood by few; mysterious
  • ethereal
    airy and light; celestial, delicate
  • exacerbate
    increase the severity of a bad situation; to add insult to injury
  • exonerated
    cleared of guilt or blame; exculpated
  • expurgate
    to amend by removing offensive words or passages
  • fatuous
    foolish, silly, idiotic
  • feckless
    ineffective, incompetent; futile
  • fetid
    having an unpleasant smell; malodorous
  • flag
    to lose energy or interest; to weaken or fade
  • frenetic
    wildly excited and acting frantically
  • furtive
    sly, sneaky, stealthy
  • galvanize
    to motivate; to stimulate into activity
  • garrulous
    speaking excessively in a rambling manner
  • gregarious
    sociable, friendly; outgoing and affable
  • harangue
    a long, intense, passionate speech; a scolding verbal attack
  • iconoclast
    one who challenges established institutions; a dissenter
  • idyllic
    peaceful, charming, pleasant; ideal
  • illusory
    deceptive, misleading; creating an illusion
  • imperious
    arrogant and lordly; overbearing and dictatorial
  • impregnable
    able to withstand attack; strong, solid
  • incandescent
    glowing hot and bright
  • inchoate
    undeveloped; just begun
  • indefatigable
    incapable of getting tired or worn out
  • indigent
    poor, without money
  • inestimable
    immeasurable and limitless
  • insipid
    tasteless or flavorless
  • inundate
    to flood or overwhelm
  • inure
    to be desensitized or toughened up against pain
  • itinerant
    wandering, nomadic
  • jocular
    very happy and joking
  • laconic
    to be of few words
  • languid
    easily, lazily, sluggish
  • libertine
    someone free from moral restraint
  • lilliputian
    very small or tiny
  • lionize
    to worship and idolize
  • loquacious
    very talkative and wordy
  • lugubrious
    mournful, dismal, gloomy
  • malapropism
    unintentional misuse of a word or words
  • malinger
    to feign sickness or play hooky
  • mercurial
    to be quick to temper or hot with excitement
  • miasma
    a mess; toxic clouds and atmosphere
  • misanthrope
    one who despises humanity
  • nadir
    lowest point of something
  • nascent
    newborn, young, just coming into existence
  • nebulous
    not clearly defined or articulated; hazy
  • obfuscate
    to confuse or interfere with something
  • obsequious
    servile and overly fawning
  • obstinate
    stubborn and unyielding
  • occlude
    block, prevent, obstruct
  • odious
    detestable and disgusting
  • onerous
    difficult, demanding, grueling
  • opulent
    very lavish and ornate
  • ostentatious
    showy and overdone
  • palliate
    to lessen suffering and pain; to ease
  • pariah
    someone rejected and isolated
  • pedantic
    overly bookish and academic
  • perdition
    damnation and punishment
  • perfidious
    disloyal, deceitful, treacherous
  • peripatetic
    a wanderer; an itinerant person
  • perspicacious
    having very keen perception or sight
  • philistine
    one who does not appreciate art or culture
  • pique
    to arouse interest
  • polemic
    a dispute or argument
  • preclude
    to prevent
  • prevaricate
    intentionally misrepresent or lie
  • puerile
    childish, immature, foolish
  • pulchritude
    physical beauty or attractiveness
  • punctilious
    precise, careful, methodical
  • querulous
    to be complaining or dissatisfied
  • raconteur
    a skilled and vivid storyteller
  • raze
    to demolish or level
  • recalcitrant
    defiant or resistant
  • recidivist
    one who relapses into crime or immorality
  • repudiate
    reject, cast off, disown
  • resplendent
    shining and gleaming
  • reticent
    reluctant to speak
  • riposte
    a sharp, witty response to something
  • sanguine
    hopeful and optimistic
  • sardonic
    characterized by sarcastic mocking
  • seditious
    rebellious, anarchistic, defiant
  • surfeit
    an excess amount of something
  • supercilious
    displaying arrogance and indifference
  • surreptitious
    obtained in a stealthy way
  • tacit
    understood and implied
  • temerity
    reckless and brash
  • tempestuous
    impassioned and unrestrained
  • ubiquitous
    usual or typical
  • urbane
    sophisticated, elegant and cool
  • vacillate
    to waver in opinion
  • vacuous
    lacking in ideas or intelligence
  • vapid
    lifeless, flat, boring, empty
  • venerate
    to revere with extreme love and admiration
  • wizened
    withered, shriveled, old looking
  • zenith
    the highest point of something