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As a result of the panic of 1857, the South

believed that it was economically superior to the North

Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin

intended to show the cruelty of slavery

In 1857, the Supreme Court ruled in the Dred Scott decision that

protection of slavery was guaranteed in all the territories of the West

The panic of 1857

hit hardest among grain growers of the Northwest

In the election of 1860, the Constitutional Union party was formed

as a middle-of-the-road party fearing for the break up of the union

The panic of 1857 resulted in

clamor for a higher tariff

The situation in Kansas in the mid-1850's indicated the impracticality of ___ in the territories.

Popular sovereignty

James Buchanan won the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 1856 because he

could distance himself and the Democrats from the Kansas-Nebraska act

The Lecompton Constitution was written so that Kansas

could only apply for statehood by permitting slavery

When Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 presidential election, people in South Carolina

rejoiced because it gave them an excuse to secede

Stephen A. Douglas argued, in his Freeport Doctrine, during the Lincoln-Douglas debates that

slavery would stay down if the people voted it down

After John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, the South concluded that

the North was dominated by "Brown-loving" Republicans

Uncle Tom's Cabin may be described as

a powerful political force

In the North, the panic of 1857 created calls for

free homesteads and higher protective tariffs

The presidential candidate of the new Constitutional Union party in 1860 was

John Bell

As a result of reading Uncle Tom's Cabin, many northerners

would have nothing to do with the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law

As a result of the Lincoln-Douglas debates

Douglas defeated Lincoln for the Senate.

Abraham Lincoln opposed the Crittenden Compromise because

he had been elected on a platform that opposed the extension of slavery

The central plank of the Know-Nothing party in the 1856 election was


The decision rendered in the Dred Scott case was applauded by

proslavery southerners

The government of the Confederate States of America was first organized in

Montgomery, Alabama

In declaring their independence, the Confederate States relied heavily on the example of the

principles of self-determination of the Declaration of Independence

In his raid on Harpers Ferry, John Brown intended to

call upon the slaves to rise and establish a black free state

The real significance of the election of 1856 was that it

foreshadowed an ominous sectional clash over slavery in the election of 1860

Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 Republican party presidential nomination in part because he

had mad fewer enemies than front-runner William Seward

President James Buchanan's decision on Kansas's Lecompton Constitution

hopelessly divided the Democratic party

Nativists in the 1850s were known for their

anti-Catholic and antiforeign attitudes

The Lecompton Constitution proposed that the state of Kansas

protect slave owners already in Kansas

In 1855, proslavery southerners regarded Kansas as

slave territory

Hinton R. Helper's book, the Impending Crisis of the South, argued that those who suffered most from slave labor were

nonslaveholding southern whites

The clash between Preston S. Brooks and Charles Sumner revealed

passions over slavery were becoming dangerously inflamed in both North and South

In 1856, the breaking point over slavery in Kansas came with

an attack on Lawrence by a gang of proslavery raiders

When the people of Britain and France read Uncle Tom's Cabin, their governments

realized that intervention in the Civil War on behalf of the South would not be popular

In ruling on the Dred Scott case, the United States Supreme Court

argued that Congress could not prohibit slavery in the federal territories

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