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Ch5 study Guide

chemical Bond
the force that holds two atoms together
a mixture is different from a comupund because each substance in a mixture:
retains its own properites
a compound differs from a mixture because it:
always contains the same element in the same proportion
which compound is formed from a tight network of oppositely charged ions
Salt, NaCl
which substance do the molecules have the strongest attractions to one another?
sugar, a solid
gas take up alot of space because:
their molecules have very little attraction for one another
often atoms join so that each atom will have :
an outermost energy level thatis full of electrons
when 2 hydrogen atoms bond, the postive nucleus of one atom attracts the
negative electrons of the other atom
an ionic bond is a bond that forms between:
ions with opposite charges
Covalent bonds are formed between:
nonmetal atoms
in a metallic bond , the nucleus of one atom is attracted by a nearby atom's :
copper is a good conductor of electicity because its elctrons:
are free to move from atom to atom
solid ionic compounds have very high melting points because they
are made of elements that are locked tightly together
which type of bond do atoms share electrons?
covalent bonds
it is possiable for different covalent compounds to have the same empirical formula because empirical formulas represents
a ratio of atoms in the same compound