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  1. reproach
  2. onerous
  3. conformity
  4. steadfast
  5. adroit
  1. a quick or skillful or adept in action or thought (adj)
  2. b acting according to certain accepted standards (n)
  3. c a mild rebuke or criticism (n) (v)
  4. d firm and dependable especially in loyalty (adj)
  5. e not easily borne, burdensome (adj)

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  1. harmful to living things (adj)
  2. overly sweet or sentimental (adj)
  3. high flown speaking style, excessive use of verbal ornamentation (n)
  4. giving and careful attention to detail (adj)
  5. affording reasonable grounds for belief or acceptance (adj)

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  1. tenaciousstubbornly unyielding (adj)


  2. waverto pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness, , the act of moving back and forth (v)


  3. vindictiveshowing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt, disposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge (adj)


  4. mercenarymotivated by profits rather than morality (adj)


  5. discernmenta withdrawal into the background (n)