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when setting up a network, you should set up any computers running the Microsoft windows 7 operating system
one way to increase security on a network is by installing a
a wireless network uses which of the following as its transmission medium
radio waves
sophisticated networks generally use which of the following hardware devices to ease the flow of data packets throughout the network
routers and switches
the unique number assigned to a network adapter by the manufacturer is referred to as the ____address
a ______allows sharing of a broadband internet connection
which of the following network adapters is most likely to be pre-installed in a typical notebook computer today?
both wireless and wired network adapter
which of the following is necessary if you want your ethernet network to connect to the internet through a DSL or cable modem
DSL/cable router
network adapters enable _______ in a network to communicate with each other
a LAN connected in a single building is not an example of a
WPA stands for
wifi protected access
which of the following devices is needed to share an internet connection on a wireless network
wireless router
a computer is ______an example of a network node
the most popular transmission media option for wired ethernet networks is
UTP cable
the most common type of home network is
p2p network
a ____ is a network located in your home that is used to connect all of your digital devices
what type of transmission medium is able to transmit data the fastest
fiber optic cable
due to the expansion of media files on home computers _________ options are now being marketed.
home network server
a network that has 10 or more nodes is usually configured as a
client/server network
a ______ keeps track of data packets and in conjunction with network interface cards, helps the data packets find their destination without running into eachother on an ethernet network
which of the following UTP cable types is the cheapest and often used in home networks
A computer network is defined as two or more computers connected with ________________ so they can communicate with each other
software and hardware
client/server networks are controlled by a central server that runs a specialized piece of software called
network operating system
throughput the actual speed of data transfer that is achieved in a network is usually
less than or equal to data transfer rate
most __________ allow you to connect wireless and wired computers to the same network
wireless routers
the _________________ is the maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network
data transfer rate
which of the following devices translates electronic data into radio waves
network architectures are classified according to the way they are controlled and _____________-
the distance between their nodes
normal telephone wire
twisted pair cable
for a wireless network what does each computer in the network need
wireless network interface card
what is the connection speed for the most commonly installed cable in home networks
which of the following must each individual computer on a network have to function on the network
unique name
steps to complete before you start the network setup wizard in windows
install modems, cables, and network cards in each computer
wireless networks encounter more_______________than wired networks
signal interference
a ______________ must be installed in a PC to connect it to a network
network adapter
a ________ is required to connect two or more computers in a network
if you use windows 7 to set up a home network, which option is used to access the network setup wizard
set up a new connection or network
four digits in a binary number are equivalent to how many digits of a hexadecimal number
a binary digit is referred to as a
how many colors are used in the RGB system
hexadecimal represents numbers using which base
in which cycle are the results of instructions determined
the RAM ________ part of the CPU
is not
where is the address of the first instruction of a program in RAM stored in the CPU
in the instructional pointer
when is the address in the instructional pointer updated
when the computer moves to the next instruction
how long does the CPU instruction cycle continue
until a program terminates
The ____can process instructions directly from RAM
what type of address identifies each memory location in RAM
when a use starts a program what happens to the program
its loaded into RAM
what does the instructional pointer point to
the address of the next instruction
where are programs stored
on the hard drive.