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  1. high-level waste repository
  2. Light water reactor
  3. joule
  4. work
  5. coliform bacteria
  1. a the SI unit of energy
  2. b used as a common measure of biological pollution and as a standard measure of microbial pollution. It is usually harmless, part of the normal constituents of human intestines and found in all human waste.
  3. c A common type of commercial nuclear reactor that uses ordinary (light) water as the moderator; Cold water from a local source is used to condense the steam, and that warm water is returned to the environment (thermal pollution)
  4. d force x distance
  5. e an area to store intensely radioactive wastes buried deep in the ground, hopefully unexposed to groundwater and earthquakes for the thousands of years required for radioactive materials to decay to a safe level

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  1. water that fills the cracks and spaces in underground soil and rock layers
  2. when a volume of air contains as much water vapor as it can hold at a given temperature
  3. Not in my backyard!!!
  4. storing carbon in a natural sink or a geologic reservoir underground
  5. contaminants carried by air currents and precipitated into watersheds or directly onto surface waters

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  1. solar cookerinsulated box that can be used for heating and cooking in developing countries, costs a few dollars


  2. water tableCanada & Venezuela have the largest deposits; an underground sand deposit permeated with a thick, asphalt-like oil known as bitumen. The bitumen can be separated from the sand by heating.


  3. degradeddeteriorated in water quality due to contamination or pollution; makes water unsuitable for other desirable purposes


  4. DOgroundwater contaminant, mainly from leaking underground storage tanks at gas stations


  5. LED (light-emitting diode)Waste that gives off high amounts of radiation for a short time, or low amounts for a long time; Spent fuel rods and wastes from making bombs