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  1. plug-in hybrid
  2. effluent sewerage
  3. monitored, retrievable storage
  4. low-input high-diversity biofuels
  5. green pricing
  1. a holding nuclear wastes in underground mines or secure surface facilities where they can be watched, and removed for repacking if canisters leak
  2. b electric motor that can be recharged, can travel up to 40 miles on 1 overnight charge
  3. c a low-cost alternative sewage treatment for cities in poor countries that combines some features of septic systems and centralized municipal teatment systems
  4. d Allowing customers of utilities to voluntarily pay more for electricity that comes from renewable sources
  5. e mixed polycultures of perennial native species with a lot of biomass

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  1. the upper surface of underground water; the upper boundary of the zone of saturation
  2. A specific source of pollution that can be identified, such as a pipe.
  3. the emission of water vapor from the leaves of plants
  4. a bundle of hollow metal rods containing uranium oxide pellets; used to fuel nuclear reactor.
  5. used as a common measure of biological pollution and as a standard measure of microbial pollution. It is usually harmless, part of the normal constituents of human intestines and found in all human waste.

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  1. carbon sequestrationsimultaneous production of electricity and steam in the same facility


  2. breeder reactora fission reactor that is designed to breed more fissionable fuel then is put into it by converting nosfissionable isotopes to fissionable isotops


  3. residence timeThe average time a given molecule of water or other substance will stay in a given water source


  4. chain reactiona reaction in which the material that starts the reaction is also one of the products and can start another reaction


  5. zone of aerationArea above the water table where openings in soil, sediment, and rock are not saturated but are filled mainly with air. Above water table


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