Book 1, L1

34 terms by ARANSUPR

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jìn, gold

mù, wood

mú, head

shui, water

huo, fire

tǔ, earth

nǚ, female

nán, male

rì, sun

yuè, moon

shān, mountain

zì, child

ren, people

yu, rain

che, car

yáng, sheep

ma, horse

tián, field


huǒ shān, volcano


kǒu shuǐ, saliva

kǒu, mouth


huǒ che, train

山 羊

shān yáng, mountain goat


bái mǎ, white horse

人 口

ren kou, population

山 水

shān shuǐ, secenery


che zi, car


jin yin dao, treasure island

門 口

men kou, gate


ma che, wagon


yu ma, umbrella


hei ma, black horse


xia yu, raining


shui che, water wheel

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