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GACS lclab-Tenney-Latin 1 - Chapters 8-12 -Verbs-1st Conjugation

cēlō, cēlāre

to hide

convocō, convocāre

to call together

excitō, excitāre

to rouse, wake (someone) up

exclāmō, exclāmāre

to exclaim, shout out

festīno, festīnāre

to hurry

incitō, incitāre

to spur on, urge on, drive

intrō, intrāre

to enter, go into

lacrimō, lacrimāre

to weep, cry

lātrō, lātrāre

to bark

mussō, mussāre

to mutter

rogō, rogāre

to ask

stō, stāre

to stand

temptō, temptāre

to try

verberō, verberāre

to beat

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