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The everyday language of the people.


A school of thought in wich reason and logic were used to support Christian beleif.


A military expedition.


During the Middle Ages, the practice of lending money for interest.

Bill of exchange

In the Middle Ages, a bank paper allowing merchants to exchange coins for paper in one city, redeem paper for coins in a distant city.


A Medieval scientist who desired to change worthless metals into gold.


learned the trade from a master craftsman who gave him shelter, food, and clothing


wrote the Divine Comedy

Geoffrey Chaucer

Wrote the Canterbury Tales


In the Middle Ages, written document guaranteeing the rights of townspeople.


Association of merchants or artisans that governed a town or craft in the Middle Ages.

Just Price

In the Middle Ages, price established by craft guilds, allowing for cost of materials and reasonable profit.


Person who complete an apprenticeship and then worked for a master craftsman to perfect his or her skills.

Flying Buttress

In Gothic cathedrals, stone arm leanng against wall to help support weight of roof.

Thomas Aquinas

Wrote Summa Theological

Pope Urban 2

Pope who called for the first crusade to help the Byzantine emperor.


General of the Muslim armies; captured Jerusalem.

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