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  1. Wat
  2. What are the two peninsulas of Southeast Asia?
  3. A history of warfare in Cambodia has left behind what problem?
  4. Where do most people of Southeast Asia live?
  5. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in Southeast Asia because it is part of _________
  1. a Indochina Peninsula and Malay Peninsula
  2. b Many landmines remain hidden in the land
  3. c In rural areas
  4. d a Buddhist temple that also serves as a monastery
  5. e the Ring of Fire

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  1. Cambodia and Laos
  2. Island that includes Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia
  3. the Philippines
  4. the United Nations sent troops to restore peace
  5. Komodo dragon

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  1. In what country is Roman Catholicism the main faith?the Philippines


  2. Fighting raged in Cambodia and didn't stop until what decade?the 1990s


  3. KhmerIsland that includes Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia


  4. In what countries is rubber a major crop?Indonesia and Malaysia


  5. Yangoncapital of Myanmar