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  1. What causes tsunamis?
  2. Khmer
  3. Kampongs
  4. In what area of the world is Southeast Asia found?
  5. Fighting raged in Cambodia and didn't stop until what decade?
  1. a Southeast Asia's most advanced early civilization
  2. b the slums around Jakarta
  3. c the 1990s
  4. d In the tropics, near the equator
  5. e underwater earthquakes

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  1. In rural areas
  2. the Philippines
  3. Indonesia and Malaysia
  4. capital of Myanmar
  5. the Ring of Fire

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  1. What animal is found in Southeast Asia that is not found anywhere else?In the tropics, near the equator


  2. BorneoSoutheast Asia's most advanced early civilization


  3. Which country did the United States grant independence to after WWII?the United Nations sent troops to restore peace


  4. What organization promotes cooperation in Southeast Asia?the Association of Southeast Asian Nations


  5. Aung San Suu Kyileader of a movement for more democracy and rights