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Right of Spring


Pierott Lunaire "Madonna"


Variations for Orchestra Op.31 Theme and Variation





20th century music

20th Century Scales

pentatonic (5-note), whole tone (6-note), octatonic (8-note)

20th Century Rhythm

May change many times in a single piece, individual may play slightly faster or slower than the group

20th Century Length

Much shorter or longer than traditional

20th Century Tone

Expanded instrumentation and larger orchestras

20th Century Color/Sound

New ways of playing traditional instruments. New interest in electronic/computer generated sound.

Traditional Harmony

Tonal (key centered)

Traditional Scales

Major and Minor Scales

Traditional Melody

Balanced, smooth, predictable

Traditional Rhythm

Regular and largely predictable, all instruments perform a single rhythm together.

Traditional Length

Standardized by genre

Traditional Tone

Standardized around family of classical instruments

Traditional Color/Sound

Ensemble size/types of instruments conventional for each genre.


St. Petersburg





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