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octet rule
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electrons transferedwhat is the bond characteristic for ionicelectrons sharedwhat is the bond characteristic for covalentelectrons pooledwhat is the bond characteristic for metallictypically form crystals, have high melting/boiling points, very hard and brittle, conduct electricity in waterwhat are the properties of ionic compoundscations to anions in a crystalthe formula for an ionic compound represents the ratio of...magnitude of the charge and distance between nucleicoulomb's law states...increases/increasesas magnitude of charge ________ electrical force ________.increases/decreasesas bond length ________ electrical force ________lattice energyenergy formed when 1 mol of an ionic compound forms from it ionslarger lattice energylarger charge, stronger attraction, ________smaller lattice energylarger ion, weaker charge, ________positive metal ions and negative free electronsmetallic bonds are formed by the electrostatic attraction between...binarytwo types of atomspolyatomicmore than two types of atomsbecause they have free flowing electrons that allow electrical conductivitywhy are metals able to conduct electricitybecause the electrons bound to individual ions and the ions are held in place as crystals.why are ionic compounds not able to conduct electricity