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el aperitivo


el camarero (Spain)

waiter, waitress

el mesero (Hispanoamérica)

waiter, waitress (Hispanic America)

la copa

alcoholic drink

el trago

alcoholic drink

el fondo

back of room or building

el entremés (España)

appetizer (Spain)

el local

place, premises

la pareja

pair, couple

el postre


el primer plato (o platillo)

the first course

el segundo plato

the second course

la ración

the portion

el refresco

soft drink


to chat

citarse con

to make a date or appoitnment with


to commit oneself, to get engaged

encontrarse con (o - ue)

to meet, to run into


to become (for emotional states or conditions: contento, triste, enojado)

probar (o - ue)

to taste, to try (food or drink)


to signal, to point out


strong, heavy (for meal and drinks)

ligero, ligera

light (for meals and drinks)

alrededor de



right away

a partir de... (una hora)

strating from..., as of... (a certain time)

de espaldas

with one's back turned

hacer falta

to need, to be missing

¡Qué casualidad!

What a coincidence!

Está como para chuparse los dedos

It's finger licking good!

Está delicioso (a)

It's delicious

Está exquisito (a)

It's exquisite

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