15 terms

Chapter 22 medical coding

how important is a spleen to a person
helps with red blood cells and the immmune system removes old, resverse blood and also recycles iron
where is the mediastinum located
middle section of the chest cavity
what is the diaphragm and what is its purposes
important muscles used in breathing, respiration,retaining food, increase of a abdomal pressure
where is teh uppper jugular group of lymph nodes located
along the sides of the neck
What manufactures most blood cells
bone marrow
what type of tissue is the spleen mostly compsed of
dense connective tissue
what is the disease in which excessive white blood cells are produced
what factor identifies mediastinum codes
surgical appraoch
know the different types of lymphadenectomies
what are the lymph node exvision category codes based on
method and location
how many categories are located in the mediastinum subheading
what is another term for a diaphragmatic hernia
esophageal hiatal hernia
describe allogenic
bone marrow is take from a close relative so there is genetic similarity
describe autologenic
collected from patient and later transplanted or reinfused back into patient from who it comes from
define eventration
diaphram is out of noraml position and moved up into the thorasic cavity