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15 terms

GACS lclab Latin 1 - 1st Semester, Chapters 13-17-Verbs -4th Conjugation

GACS lclab-Tenney-Latin 1 - Chapters 13-17-Verbs -4th Conjugation
aperiō, aperīre
to open
custōdiō, custōdīre
to guard
feriō, ferīre
to hit, strike
sciō, scīre
to know
eō, īre
to go
abeō, abīre
to go away
exeō, exīre
to go out
praetereō, praeterīre
to go past
redeō, redīre
to return
ferō, ferre
to bring, carry
nōlō, nōlle
to be unwilling, not to wish
possum, posse
to be able
sum, esse
to be
absum, abesse
to be awy, be absent
vōlō, velle
to wish, want, be willing