10 terms

Soc Stud Apr 16-20

Freedmen's Bureau
Congress passed this law that helped the needy formerly enslaved people in the South (gave supplies and food and built schools)
a system of working the land in which the worker was paid by letting them keep crops they harvested
the practice of keeping people in separate groups based on race
Jim Crow laws
Southern legislatures passed segregation laws that lasted from the 1870s-1960s making Whites a superior race
Transcontinental Railroad
in 1862 construction began on a railroad that would cross the continent
labor union
a workers' group that fights for better working conditions and pay
Ellis Island
an immigration station located in New York City that would require people to be examined before they entered the U.S.
Statue of Liberty
a statue of Lady Liberty given to the U.S. from France in 1886 (it is located in New York Harbor)
Angel Island
immigrants from Asia would enter the U.S. in San Francisco
areas of land set aside by the government for Native Americans