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Test 5
What are menisci
Rims of fibrocartilage situated on the articular surface of the tibial plateau
Structure of menisci
Thick at their peripheral but taper to a thin edge at their inner circumference
What does this design do
Deepens the articular facets of the tibia to add stability to the knee and act as a shock absorber
Peripheral boarders are attached where
The rim of the plateau of the tibia by the fibers from the inner surface of the capsule
Lateral menisci forms what
Incomplete circle (o shaped)
Lat meniscus anterior and posterior horns attach where
To the anterior and posterior aspect of the intercondylar eminence of the tibia via the coronary ligament
Anteriorly it receives what (lat men)
Attachment from the quadriceps muscle group
Posteriorly it receives what (lat men)
Attachment from the popliteus muscle and the posterior cruciate ligament
Medial menisci shape
Like a C
Anterior and posterior horns attach where (med men)
To the anterior and posterior aspects of the interchondylar eminence via the coronary ligament of the tibia just as the lat men does
Anteriorly it receives what ( med men)
Receives attachment from quadriceps muscle group & anterior cruciate ligament
Posteriorly it receives what (med men)
Recieves attachment from Medial collateral ligament medially, & semimembranosus muscle
More attachments on medial menisci means what
Decreased mobility which leads to an increase injury rate in comparison to lateral menisci
Transverse ligament does what for menisci
Connects the two menisci for added stability (located on anterior aspect of the tibia)
Menisci are _____ except on the outer edges
A vascular; receives some collateral circulation from the genacular artery ; menisci will not heal after being torn
Menisci protect what
Underlying cartilage & bone ; transmits compression force across the surface of the joint, reducing the load per unit area on the tibiofemoral contact sites
What increases the chance for developing osteoarthritis
The contact area of the knee is reduced by 2 times when menisci are absent
Menisci absorb how much total compression load of the knee
How are menisci injured
Similar to anterior cruciate ligament; when the femur rotates on a fixed tibia, trapping the menisci between the medial and lateral femoral condyles and the medial and lateral tibial condyles
Menisci tears are classified as
Age (acute or chronic), appearance (bucket handle & parrot beak) and direction of the tear (longitudinal & horizontal)