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Civics & Economics SOL Study Guide 1

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Five fundamental political principals that shaped our constitution and government
Consent of the Governed, limited government, rule of law, democracy, representative government
People are the source of any and all govenment power
Consent of the Governed
Government is not all-powerful and may do only those things that people have given it the power to do
Limited Government
The government and those who govern are bound by the law
Rule of law
In such a system of government, the people rule
People elect public officeholders who make laws and conduct government on their behalf
Representative Government
Five documents of American history that influenced the developement of the Constitution and constitution government
Charters of the Virginia Company of London, Virginia Declaration of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
Document that guarantees the colonists the same rights given to all English citizens
Charters of the Virginia Virginia Company of London
Documents the served as a model for the Bill of Rights
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Document that claimed that people have "certain unalienable rights" (life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness) and that all people are equal under the law
Declaration of Independence
Document that created a weak central government with no power to tax or to enforce laws
Articles of Confederation
Document that guaranteed freedom of religious beliefs and opinions
Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
Document that established the republican structure of the US government
Reason why Articles of Confederation didn't work
Major powers resided with the states, weak central government
Under the Article of Confederation, most power resided with the
Which document stated grievances against the king and declared the colonies' independence from Great Britain?
Declaration of Independence
Which document protected the fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition?
The Bill of Rights
Although the Constitution created a government that guarantees majority rule, it also
Protects the rights of the minority
What is the introduction to the Constitution called?
The Preamble
What are the first words in the Preamble to the Constitution?
We the people
Why does the Preamble to the Constitution begin with the words, "We the People?"
The power of the government comes from the people
What are the reasons stated in the preamble for creating the government?
Form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, preserve the blessing of liberty
Where are the rules for amending the Constitution spelled out?
The process for amending the Constitution is
How many amendments have been added to the Constitution?
What is the process for amending the Constitution?
Proposed amendment is approved by a two thirds majority of both houses and then ratified by three fourths of the states OR approved by a convention called by two thirds of the states, then ratified by three fourths of the states
Has the Constitution of Virginia been amended?
What is the process for amending the Constitution of Virginia?
Action by General Assembly or a convention, then ratified by voters of Virginia
What are 2 means of obtaining citizenship?
Birth and naturalization
Which amendment defines 'citizens' as 'all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. and subject o the jurisdiction there'of?
14th Amendment
A person with certain rights and duties under a government, and who, by birth or by choice, owes allegiance to that government
Immigration and naturalization, particularly in the twentieth century, have led to an increasingly ______ society
How can a person born in a different country become a US citizen?
To become a citizen though naturalization, what must a person demonstrate?
Knowledge of American history and principles, the ability to read, speak and write in the English language
The Constitution establishes and protects the citizen's fundamental ____ and ______.
Rights, liberties
Few rights., if any, are considered_____.
What does it mean to say that few rights, if any, are considered absolute? Give an example.
Freedom of speech does not mean a person has right to shout "FIRE" in a crowded movie theater.
Name five first amendment freedoms
Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition
What is the 1st amendment freedom that protects people's right to peacefully gather?
Freedom of assembly
What is the 1st amendment freedom that protects people's right to make their views known to public officials?
Freedom of Petition
What is the 1st amendment freedom that gives newspaper and TV reporters the right to father and publish information, including that which criticizes the government?
Freedom of the press
What is "due process?"
The constitutional protection against unfair governmental actions and laws
Which amendment extends the due process protection to actions of the states?
The 14th Amendment
What are some of the important duties of a citizen?
Obey laws, pay taxes, serve in the armed forces, serve on a jury or as a witness in court
Are civics duties required or voluntary?
Citizens who do not fulfill their civic duties can face
Legal consequences
Unlike civic duties, civic responsible responsibilities are
What are some responsibilities of citizens?
Vote, hold elective office, communicate with government officials, serve in voluntary appointed officials, participate in political campaigns, keep informed, respect others
Paying taxes is a civic
Keeping informed about current issues is a civic
Serving on a jury when called is a civic
Serving in the armed forces when called by a draft is a civic
Voting is a civic
Obeying the law is a civic
Volunteering to serve your community is a civic