Art History Final Exam Part 2

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the 8000 figures that the tomb of Emperor Shihuangdi?
They are carved from stone.
Which device that appears frequently in Asian architecture supports the broad overhanging eaves of the Nanchan Temple?
In China, calligraphy is closely related to the art of painting and considered __________.
a reflection of the writer's character
What one element distinguishes Chinese paintings from artistic traditions in the West?
A view of nature through a distant, all-seeing, mobile viewpoint.
Chinese writing has maintained the civilizations unity through the centuries because _______.
written characters can be understood regardless of variations in spoken dialects.
How does the Ise Shrine reflect Shinto's emphasis on ritual prification?
It is rebuilt every 20 years.
What feature of Jacho's sculpture of Amida Buddha at Byodoin is disticitvely Japanese?
Joined-block construction.
What japanese object was inspired by the Chinese tradition of monumental stone Buddhist statues in cave-temples?
Buddha Birushana in the Great Buddha Hall, Nara.
Raigo paintings depicting Amida Buddha, accompanied by bodhisattvas, coming to earth were commonly ________.
taken to the homes of dying people.
Zen Buddhism's emphasis on individual enlightment through meditation appealed to the self-deciplined nature of Japan's __________ class.
Which of the following features was shared by the different cultures of Mesoamerica?
A ritual ball game.
The ancient Olmec culture produced ___________.
-Colossal heads with individualized features
-Stone mosaics and objects buried beneath ritual sites
-Jade objects and tools
Situated in an environment of ______, the Olmec culture built massive earth mounds where ceremonial centers were located.
swampy coastal areas
The discovery of ________ at Olmec sites is eveidence of long-distance trade with other parts of Mesoamerica.
The Nazca are best known for their colossal ________.
What Mayan object commonly included inscriptions or painted text?
-Cylinder vessels
-Wall paintings
-Monumental stelae
The naturalism that characterizes sculpted animal and bird heads of the Florida Glades culture demonstrates ___________.
their remarkable powers of observation
The woodhenges (circles of wooden columns) found at the Mississippian culture of Cahokia seem related to _________.
astronomical observation
What has hindered our knowledge of ancient African artistic traditions?
Most wooden art objects no longer exist.
The technical skills of the Nok culture in western Sudan are demonstrated by their use of _____ to make the earliest known sculpture in sub-Saharan Africa.
Why do memorial sculptures of the oba represent only the ruler's head?
The head is the symbolic center of a person's wisdom and ability to communicate with spiritual forces.
What was the function of textiles in Kongo culture?
-They were signs of wealth and status.
-They were used in funerary rituals.
-They were exchanged in currency.
A clear symbol of the oba's power and authority seen on memorial heads are the headdress and necklaces made of ______ beads.
What was the original function of almost 900 brass plaques, depicting a variety of subjects, which were made in Benin during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?
They decorated the royal palace in Benin.
When Koi Konboro, the 26th king of Jenne converted to Islam, he transformed __________ into a mosque.
his palace