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What are the formal qualifications to be president?

35 years old, live in the US for at least 14 years, natural-born citizen

President's check on Congress


Court case that limited executive privilege

United States v. Nixon

Who is commander in chief?

the president

Part of the EOP that studies economic trends

Council of Economic Advisers

an act of clemency that grants a group of offenders a general pardon for offenses committed


Largest agency in the EOP

Office of Management and Budget

Amendment that limits a president to 2 terms

22nd Amendment

Who takes over if the president dies in office?

the vice president

the power of the president to refuse to release information to Congress or a court

executive privilege

Who elects the president?

the electoral college

Which EOP agency would respond to an act of terrorism?

National Security Council

What are the president's legislative powers?

veto a bill, sign a bill, suggest legislation

What is a line item veto?

a veto that rejects only a certain part of a bill and not the entire bill

Who is responsible for opening and counting the electoral votes?

the vice president

What can Congress do to a presidential veto of a bill?

override the veto

How long can a president serve in office?

10 years

A cabinet department head is also known by this title


Amendment that dealt with presidential succession

25th Amendment

Department established in the 1930's to help the president carry out his duties

Executive Office of the President

a person born in the United States or one of its territories

natural born citizen

Informal qualifications to be president

well-educated, male, belonging to Christian denomination, some military experience

What determines a state's electoral votes?

number of representative and two senators

What can a president do that does not need congressional approval?

signing statements, executive orders, executive agreements

Quote from the JFK inaugural speech

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

President's title when dealing with foreign nations

foreign policy leader

Presidential act in foreign relations that does not need Senate approval

executive agreement

During whose presidency was the EOP created?

Franklin Roosevelt

the role the president plays when acting as the symbolic figurehead of the United States

chief of state

Pardon falls under which type of presidential powers?


Informal powers of the president

leader of the military, chief of state, chief executive, foreign policy leader

Who is next in succession to the presidency after the vice president?

Speaker of the House

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