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Media Law 03 Terms

These are the Law terms for the third test of Media Law
Privacy Defenses
Consent, Newsworthiness, First Amendment Rights
Codes of Ethics
Privacy Torts
Appropriation, Intrusion, Disclosure of private facts, False Light
The Impact of 9/11 on privacy
Booth Rule
The uses of a person's name or likeness in an advertisement for a magazine or a newspaper or a television program is usually not regarded as an appropriation if the photograph or name has been or will be a part of the medium's news or information content.
Publishing of Rape victims
Doctrine of Incidental Use
Recognized in many jurisdiction and permits a fleeting or brief use of an individual's name or likeness in some kinds of commercial creations.
Publication of Private Facts
In privacy law, publicizing embarrassing private information about an individual that is not of legitimate public concern. More than one person must see or hear this information.
European Data Privacy Directive
The Directive creates rights for persons about whom information is collected, known as "data subjects." Entities that collect information must give data subjects notice explaining who is collecting the data, who will ultimately have access to it, and why the data is being collected. Data subjects also have the right to access and correct data about them.
The Right of Privacy
The Right of Publicity
An offshoot of privacy law that protects the right of persons to capitalize on their fame or notoriety for commercial or advertising purposes.