41 terms

Foreign Words and Phrases

Respond, please
Daring, experimental
Carte Blanche
Absolute power
Nom Do Plume
Pen name, pseudonym
Femme Fatale
Fatal woman
Bon Voyage
Good journey
Savoir Faire
Strong ability
Haute Couture
High fashion
Deja Vu
Already seen
Joie De Vivre
Joy of living
Je Ne Sais Quoi
Special charm
C'est la vie
That's life
Enfant terrible
Terrible child
Cause Celebre
Something that attracts public attention
Esprit de corps
Spirit of the people
Du Jour
Of the day
Faux pas
Impropriety, mistake
Alma Mater
mother school
E Pluribus Unum
Out of many one
Word for word
Tabula Rasa
Blank Slate, pure
Carpe Diem
Seize the day
Cum Laud
With honors
Status Quo
The existing condition
Vox populi
Voice of the people
Persona non grata
Unwelcome person
Magnum opus
A personal greatwork
Caveat Emptor
Buyer beware
Ad Nauseam
To the point of sickness
Tempus fugit
Time flies
Bona Fide
Authentic, the real deal
Id Est
That is
Terra Firma
Firm ground, solid ground
Quid Pro Quo
Something in return for something
Mea Culpa
My fault (accept responsibility)
Modus operandi
Way of operating, doing
Ad Hoc
For the special purpose
Non sequitur
Does not follow
Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
Hoi Polloi
The masses, many
Prima Donna
The first lady