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  1. Consolidate?
  2. Tactile?
  3. Gratitude?
  4. Reflect?
  5. Beneficial?
  1. a To give back an image
  2. b To be aventatdious, an advantage to you
  3. c To convine, to combine,things together
  4. d That can be conceived by touch, to feel things
  5. e To be grateful

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  1. To go back, or backward movement
  2. Very talkative
  3. Money given to a server for a service, tip
  4. a point in time or a line of connectio
  5. To Reduce

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  1. Gregarious?To go back, or backward movement


  2. Malevolent?State of being spiteful with malace, doing something bad on purpose


  3. Contradict?To declare a statement to be false


  4. Emote?To Reduce


  5. Mirage?An optical illusion of an object in the distance made to look near by


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