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TCP is a(n)_____ subprotocol


A(n) _____ number is the address on a host where an application makes itself available to incoming or outgoing data.


______ is more efficient than TCP for carrying messages that fit within one data packet


A UPD header contains _____ fields.


The subprotocol that enables TCP?IP to internetwork- that is, to traverse more than one LAN segment and more than one type of network through a router is _____.


______ operates at the Network layer and manages multicasting.


______ ARP table entries are created when a client makes an ARP request that cannon be satisfied by data already in the ARP table


In the TCP/IP protocol suite, _______ is the core protocol responsible for logical addressing


In IPv4 addressing, each IP address is a unique ______ number.


In IPv4 addressing, an address whose first octet is in the range of 192-223 belongs to a Class _____ network.


in IPv4 addressing, a node with an IP address of belongs to a Class ______network.


In dotted decimal notation, a(n) ______ separates each decimal.

The default subnet mask for a Class B network is______.


In most cases, BOOTP has been suprassed by the more sophisticated IP addressing utility, ______.


A(n) ______ address represents any one interface from a group of interfaces, any one of which can accept a transmission.

Format Prefix

In IPv6, each address contains a(n) _____, or a variable-length filed at the beginning of the address that indicates what type of address it is.

If the standard port number for the Telnet service is 23, a host whose IPv4 address is has a socket address for Telnet of ______.


In the domain name www., _____ is the top level domain (TLD)


______ is a terminal emulation protocol used to log on to remote hosts using the TCP/IP protocol suite.


______ is a simple Application layer protocol used to synchronize the clocks of computers on a network.


______ is a utility that can verify that TCP/IP is installed, bound to the NIC, configured correctly, and communication with the network

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