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  1. venal
  2. ineluctable
  3. aspersion
  4. untoward
  5. sobriety
  1. a not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable
  2. b bribable; mercenary; corruptible
  3. c an unforgivable or damaging remark; slander; the act of defaming or slandering
  4. d seriousness
  5. e not favorable; troublesome; adverse; unruly

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  1. to mislead by trick or fraud; deceive
  2. coarse and uncouth; clumsy
  3. scarcity
  4. to attack loudly; denounce
  5. cannot be altered; firm

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  1. arcaneknown or understood by only a few


  2. gaffecoarse and uncouth; clumsy


  3. reprehensiblehaving no flaws; perfect; incapable of sin or wrongdoing


  4. rueto regret


  5. flagrantclearly wrong