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  1. vigilant
  2. travail
  3. ironclad
  4. acclamation
  5. gaffe
  1. a a shout or salute of enthusiastic approval; an oral vote, especially an enthusiastic vote of approval taken without formal ballot
  2. b cannot be altered; firm
  3. c blunder; social mistake
  4. d on the alert; watchful; aware
  5. e work, especially arduous work; tribulation; anguish

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  1. having no flaws; perfect; incapable of sin or wrongdoing
  2. to send into exile
  3. to tear or wear off the skin of; to censure strongly; denounce
  4. not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable
  5. to predict

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  1. homilyto entertain


  2. ennuito urge by strong appeals


  3. lukewarmnot favorable; troublesome; adverse; unruly


  4. cogitateto take careful thought or think carefully about; ponder


  5. paeansong of joy or triumph; a fervant expression of joy


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