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  1. minatory
  2. expatriate
  3. rife
  4. apprise
  5. vigilant
  1. a to send into exile
  2. b on the alert; watchful; aware
  3. c to inform
  4. d threatening; menacing
  5. e common

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  1. scholarly or learned persons
  2. unenthusiastic; neither hot nor cold
  3. to speak evil of
  4. seriousness
  5. an unforgivable or damaging remark; slander; the act of defaming or slandering

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  1. prognosticateto take careful thought or think carefully about; ponder


  2. preceptto go back on one's word


  3. drosswaste; worthless matter; trivial matter


  4. impeccableindefensible


  5. peremptoryimperative; leaving no choice


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