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  1. ensconce
  2. gossamer
  3. tepid
  4. apprise
  5. benison
  1. a sheer, light and delicate, like cobwebs
  2. b blessing
  3. c moderately warm; lukewarm; lacking emotional warmth or enthusiasm; half-hearted
  4. d establish firmly in a position
  5. e to inform

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  1. depravity; baseness; a base act
  2. not favorable; troublesome; adverse; unruly
  3. fortification; barricade; wall
  4. to urge by strong appeals
  5. arbitrary order; authorization

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  1. ruecommon


  2. platitudea trite or banal remark or statement, especially one expressed as if it were original or significant; lack of originality; triteness


  3. shardcalm


  4. flagrantclearly wrong


  5. cozencommon