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  1. untenable
  2. fiat
  3. bristle
  4. excoriate
  5. ironclad
  1. a to tear or wear off the skin of; to censure strongly; denounce
  2. b to show irritation
  3. c cannot be altered; firm
  4. d arbitrary order; authorization
  5. e indefensible

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  1. the use of unnecessarily wordy or indirect language; evasion in speech or writing; roundabout expression
  2. scarcity
  3. common
  4. in existence; not lost
  5. clearly wrong

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  1. impeccablenot to be avoided or escaped; inevitable


  2. vitriolto praise highly; exalt


  3. prognosticateto predict


  4. gaucheblunder; social mistake


  5. fulminatelong burst of gunfire