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  1. peremptory
  2. gossamer
  3. pathological
  4. bulwark
  5. indeterminate
  1. a uncertain; indefinite
  2. b departing from normal condition
  3. c fortification; barricade; wall
  4. d imperative; leaving no choice
  5. e sheer, light and delicate, like cobwebs

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  1. the use of unnecessarily wordy or indirect language; evasion in speech or writing; roundabout expression
  2. piece of broken glass or pottery
  3. to make uneasy; disconcert
  4. seriousness
  5. blessing

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  1. acclamationan unforgivable or damaging remark; slander; the act of defaming or slandering


  2. vitriolsulfuric acid; bitterly abusive feeling or expression; scathing; caustic


  3. dearthscarcity


  4. fulminatearbitrary order; authorization


  5. ingenuitylistlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest; boredom