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  1. strident
  2. tepid
  3. sobriety
  4. rife
  5. pathological
  1. a moderately warm; lukewarm; lacking emotional warmth or enthusiasm; half-hearted
  2. b loud; harsh; unpleasantly noisy
  3. c common
  4. d departing from normal condition
  5. e seriousness

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  1. false
  2. a shout or salute of enthusiastic approval; an oral vote, especially an enthusiastic vote of approval taken without formal ballot
  3. to speak evil of
  4. song of joy or triumph; a fervant expression of joy
  5. not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable

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  1. preceptprinciple; law


  2. ingenuityoriginating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment; intrinsic; innate; native


  3. aspersionan unforgivable or damaging remark; slander; the act of defaming or slandering


  4. juggernautclearly wrong


  5. ironcladcalm