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Chapter 5

Administrative Agency

Government entity having authority to affect the rights of private parties.

Administrative Process

Entire set of activities engaged in by administrative agencies while carrying out their rule making, and adjudicative functions.


Process by which an administrative agency promulgates rules of laws.


Agency statement of general or particular applicability designed to implement, interpret, or process law or policy.

Legislative Rule

Substantive rules issued by an administrative agency under the authority delegated to it by the legislature.

Interpretative Rules

Statements issued by an administrative agency indicating its construction of its governing statue.

Procedural Rules

Rules issued by an administrative agency establishing its organization, method of operation, and rules of conduct for practice before it.


Process ny which agencies determine whether their rules have been violated.


Formal methods by which an agency resolves disputes.


A final diposition made by an agency.

Judicial Review

Acts as a control or check by a court on a particular rule or order of an administrative agency.

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