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READ ME!!!!!!!
Hey peoples.
I'm not sure I made the other set very well, since the groups are sorta smallish. So here we go:
The 3rd Annual Hunger Games are coming up!
And to be honest, we might need some stylists since two seem to be missing.
getting to the point has never been my strong point. (No pun intended)
So join The Capitol
OR one of the districts (only 1-12, unless you join Clay's 13)
And talk to Knox (rangersapprentice101)
if you want to style other tributes!
Just remember,
those positions might not be open and the other stylists just aren't on and haven't made the tribute clothes.
The Games are on Saturday, April 28th.
12:00 pm PST or 3:00 EST. Like Knox said, if you live somewhere else please make the conversion.
Also, the tributes have been reaped,
so if you want to be in the Games, you'll have to wait for the next one.
Thanks for reading!