Latin America

What is the capital of Brazil?
What is the highest peak in Brazil?
Pico da Neblina
The Brazilian shield is similar to what type of landform?
What climate is found in most of Brazil?
tropical wet and dry
What other climate is found in Brazil (in the south)?
What is the dominant religion in Brazil?
Roman Catholic
Brazil is approximately the size of what country?
the continental United States of America
How does Brazil compare with other nations in terms of size and population?
It is the 5th largest in terms of both size and population.
What is the primary language of Brazil?
What is the monetary unit of Brazil?
What river is the largest in the world in terms of volume?
Amazon River
Brazil is defined as what type of government?
a federal republic
The ethnic majority in Bolivia is what race?
The Salt Plains (Salar de Uyuni) are found in what nation?
Who discovered Machu Picchu in 1911?
Hiram Bingham
Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador are all defined as what type of government?
a republic
What monument was built in Ecuador to mark the position of the equator?
Ciudad La Mitad del Mundo
who became the first Amerindian president of Bolivia?
Evo Morales
Is Chile an MDC or an LDC?
Chile is about 2 times the size of what U.S. state?
Which seaport city is especially important to Chile?
The primary language in almost all Latin American nations is what?
Who was Chile's first female president?
Michelle Bachelet
Who is the current president of Brazil and the first female president?
Dilma Rousseff
What two legislative houses are part of the bicameral congress in Brazil?
Federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies
When did people begin arriving in Brazil ?
as early as 50,000 years ago
What treaty divided South America between Spain and Portugal?
the Treaty of 1494
Who originally claimed Brazil for Portugal?
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Where did the first long terms settlers from Portugal arrive at?
Sao Vicente
In 1889, Brazil adopted what form of government?
a republic