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to hope


to demand

insistir en

to insist (on)


god willing, i strongly hope

pedir (e>i)

to request

preferir (e>ie)

to prefer

querer (e>ie)

to want

rogar (o>ue)

to pray, beg

sugerir (e>ie)

to suggest

dudar que

to doubt that

no creer que

to not believe that

no estar convencido/ convencida de que

to not be convinced that

no estar seguro/ segura de que

to not be sure that

no imaginarse que

to not imagine that

no parecer que

to not seem that

no pensar que

to not think that

no suponer que

to not suppose that

temer que

to suspect/ fear that

conviene que

it is advisable that

el fantástico que

it is fantastic that

es importante que

it is important that

es increíble que

it is incredible that

es lástima que

it is a pity that, it is a shame that

es mejor que

its better that

es necesario que

it is necessary that

es posible que

it is possible that

es preferible que

it is preferable taht

es probable que

it is probable that

es ridículo que

it is ridiculolus that

es terrible que

it is terrible that

más vale que

it is better that

ojalá (que)

i hope (that)

puede ser que

it may be that

a menos que


antes (de) que


con tal (de) que

provided that



después (de) que


en caso de que

in case

hasta que


mientras que


para que

so that, in order that

sin que


tan pronto como

as soon as

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